Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)

A Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a local information technology system used to collect client-level data and data on the provision of housing and services to homeless individuals and families and persons at risk of homelessness. Each Continuum of Care (CoC) is responsible for selecting an HMIS software solution that complies with HUD’s data collection, management, and reporting standards.

WellSky is the current vendor and Community Services (ServicePoint) is the HMIS software used to meet the HUD requirements for a data collection system for all HUD-funded homeless programs. United Way of Summit & Medina operates the HMIS of the Akron/Summit County program.

HMIS Meetings

HMIS User Group reviews the level of data integrity in the database, changes in data collection and reporting guidelines, upgrades to the system, and determines additional customization or functionality needed in the system related to client data entry. They guide the development of HMIS training materials and configuration changes to HMIS through feedback related to ease of use and feasibility. Attendance of HMIS Participating Partner Agencies is required.

HMIS Agency Administrators group meet to review the level of data integrity in the database, additional customization, or functionality needed in the system related to reporting and grant funding. HMIS Agency Administrators support HMIS users in their agency and resolve issues as they arise. Attendance of HMIS Participating Partner Agencies is required.

HMIS Advisory Committee is comprised of HMIS decision makers at agencies that participate in HMIS. Its duties are to oversee policies and standards, evaluation criteria and reporting systems for the HMIS of Akron/Summit County implementation. This committee also serves as the final reviewer for data submissions to HUD such as SPMs, AHAR/LSA, PIT/HIC and other reporting purposes. The HMIS Advisory Committee meets semiannually or more frequently if needed. Attendance of HMIS Participating Partner Agencies are required.

The HMIS Data Committee’s mission is to assist the CoC with data-informed decision making by actively reviewing, gathering, and analyzing HMIS- and non-HMIS data to identify gaps in service to ensure that all persons struggling with homelessness in our community are served effectively. Data-driven members of the community volunteer to attend and actively participate in fulfilling the mission of the committee.

HMIS Meetings
4th Wednesday of every month @ 11:00 AM
User Group, Agency Administrator, Advisory Committee, Data Committee
User Group – January 25, 2023
Agency Admin – Feb 22, 2023
Advisory Comm – March 22, 2023
Data Comm – April 26, 2023
User Group – May 24, 2023
Agency Admin – June 28, 2023
Advisory Comm – July 26, 2023
Data Comm – August 23, 2023
User Group – September 27, 2023
Agency Admin – October 25, 2023
Advisory Comm – Nov 22, 2023
**Data Comm – Dec 20, 2023

For more information about HMIS please contact our HMIS team at [email protected]